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Prime Track

Prime Track offers fleet management solutions and asset tracking with a modular, customized application suite for tracking, tracing and mobile computing. Prime Track has been in existence for some years. Offering up-to-date and sophisticated software with various functions built-in to fit our different clients’ needs. During this time we have helped companies reduce their operating costs and drastically improve their logistics operations and efficiencies. Our GPS/GPRS vehicle Tracking System is a simple and economic way to assist fleet operators in managing their vehicles within Africa. Our business is spreading across West Africa with an extensive team covering many major cities within the countries we operate in.

Our Benefits

Cost Reduction

Fuel savings, Maintenance cost savings, Reduced accidents cost savings

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Real time visibility of areas of delays, Increased number of loads and deliveries completed, reduced number of unauthorized stops, Optimized asset usage

Imporved Authentication

Proper Loading authentication, Proper proof of delivery and authentication, Improved asset maintenance control.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet vehicles and increase efficiency within your organisation.

Asset Tracking

Protect and keep your family and vehicles safe.